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E' uscita il 6 maggio la nuova versione di FileZilla, la
Sono stati corretti 11 bug, il più importante dei quali è quello che corregge una rara condizione in cui si potevano perdere alcuni byte durante il download.
Se volete conoscere tutti i bug corretti potete dare un'occhiata al changelog ufficiale.
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E' uscita la versione 3.0.10 di FileZilla che risolve alcuni bug e porta delle nuove funzionalità.
Nella prima Release Candidate sono state aggiunte tre funzionalità e corretti due bug; nella seconda Release Candidate sono state migliorate le prestazioni in Windows; nella versione definitiva cambia la versione di GnuTLS con cui sono precompilati i file binari (per saperne di più...).
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Ieri è uscita la versione 3.0.11 di FileZilla.
Nella prima Release Candidate di questa versione sono state implementate tre nuove funzionalità. Nella status bar insieme alla dimensione dei file viene segnalato il numero di file e di cartelle; l'installer su Windows ricorda le opzioni di installazioni; quando si verifica la presenza di aggiornamenti vengono elencati i cambiamenti nella nuova versione.
Sono stati poi corretti alcuni bug sia per Windows che per Mac OS X che generali.
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È da poco uscita la versione 3.1.0 di FileZilla.
Ecco il changelog dalle versioni beta a quella definitiva:
Citazione:3.1.0 (2008-07-23)

+ Right-clicking filter button in toolbar toggles filters
- Fix oddities in visual formatting of IPv6 addresses
- MSW: Enable IPv6 support on SFTP connections
- Connecting using an IPv6 address did not work on SFTP
- Editing remote files did not pick up local changes if timestamp preserving was enabled

3.1.0-rc2 (2008-07-19)

+ Enable SOCKS5 and HTTP/1.1 proxy support for SFTP connections
- For sorting remote file list by owner/group
- *nix: Install FileZilla application icons according to the Icon Theme Specification
- *nix: Use the system's tinyxml library if available

3.1.0-rc1 (2008-07-17)

+ SOCKS5 and HTTP/1.1 proxy support
+ The "Open" item in local directory listing context menu will open the system's file browser if a directory is selected
+ New iconset: LonE
+ 2 new file exists actions

3.1.0-beta2 (2008-07-13)

- Filecount in statusbar no longer count upwards if deleting files
- MSW: Call WSAStartup, fixes WSANOTINITIALISED problem
- MSW: Use closesocket(fd) instead of close(fd), the latter caused uploads to hang at the end
- MSW: Fix socket hang after changing event handler. Use a better way to resend events

3.1.0-beta1 (2008-07-10)

+ IPv6 support
+ Add option to reopen file if trying to edit a file already being edited
- Fix SFTP file descriptor leak on some transfer failures
- Fix crash if remote directory gets cleared between opening context menu and selecting view/edit item
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A poco dal rilascio della versione 3.1.0, ecco la versione di FileZilla.
Il changelog, qui di seguito, è abbastanza complesso rispetto al tempo passato dal rilascio della penultima versione.
Citazione: (2008-07-24)

! Do not report success on SSL/TLS transfers if server did not perform orderly SSL/TLS shutdown. Previously, an attacker could cause truncated files with FileZilla thinking the transfer was successful. All versions prior to this were affected
- Fix infinite loop in new socket class
- Fix file descriptor/handle leak in new socket class
- Fix locking error if cancelling an operation waiting for a lock held by a different engine
- MSW: In rare cases, initial read event was not triggered on transfer sockets
- Add missing icon in LonE theme
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In poche ore di distanza ci sono state due nuovi aggiornamenti di FileZilla. La versione 3.1.1 porta alcune novità e risolve alcuni problemi mentre la versione risolve un problema della 3.1.1 che crashava se riscontrava un problema di connessione.
Ecco il changelog delle due versioni:
Citazione: (2008-08-11)

- Fix crash if a connection attempt gets aborted

3.1.1 (2008-08-10)

+ Save filter toggle state
+ MSW: Display drive labels if available
- Fix crash in new socket class if using active mode FTP
- Request user attention (e.g. blinking in taskbar) if an edited file changes and the program is minimized
- Don't issue mdtm command on links for the automatic timezone detection on SFTP servers
- Do not capture menu shortcut keys in file lists
- Allow directory comparison if filters are toggled off
- MSW: Sorting in site dropdown menu is now identical to sorting inside the Site Manager
- OS X: If closing the file rename edit box, refresh neighboring lines to get rid of artifacts left behind by the edit control border

3.1.1-rc1 (2008-08-04)

+ If using "Ask for password" and "Interactive" logon types, a username is now optional in the Site Manager
+ New iconset: OpenCrystal
+ MSW: Whether icon sets should be installed or not can be seleted in the installer
- Fix parsing of URLs containing port number in quickconnect bar
- Fix handling of local write errors if downloading files
- If closing FileZilla, the queue is now properly saved using a backup copy to prevent corruption of queue file
- Slight performance improvement if opening settings dialog, language and theme pages are now populated on demand
- Reply to server's shutdown notification on SSL/TLS secured downloads if connection still open
- After downloading files, local file count did not update
- "My Sites" in Site Manager should not be draggable
- Fix entering IPv6 addresses in Site Manager
- Directory cache was incoherent after renaming a directory
- Several fixes to new socket class
- MSW: Starting a bounding box selection (Windows calls it marquee selection) did not set focus to the file lists
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Ieri è uscita la nuova versione di FileZilla, la 3.1.2.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione:3.1.2 (2008-08-30)

- Allow drive labels with more than one letter for servertype DOS
- Slight speedup of transfer queue, defer redrawing of UI elements to idle time

3.1.2-rc1 (2008-08-24)

+ Add directory listing filter condition to match on containing path name
+ Implement kiosk mode in which FileZilla will not write any passwords to disk. Can be enabled through fzdefaults.xml
+ Add option to disable update checks to fzdefaults.xml
+ Vast performance improvements if handling queues and directories with thousands of files
+ Faster TLS/SSL handshake on data connections
- Queue should no longer get mixed up if LIST command fails during recursive downloads
- Fix crash if using -s commandline argument
- Fix spurious transfer failures if multiple engines try to list the same directory
- Loading invalid filters could crash FileZilla
- User/pass authentication for SOCKS5 proxy support was not working properly
- If stopping queue processing while recursively downloading directories, files added by the recursive operation will no longer reenable queue processing
- MSW: Keep site manager wide enough so that all notebook tabs fit
- Fix crash if server does not support resuming of large files
- SFTP uploads did not fail if server ran out of diskspace
- If compiled for some 64bit systems, SFTP resumes of files larger than 2^32 did not work properly

Potete trovare qui la guida per aggiornare FileZilla.
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Da qualche giorno è disponibile la versione 3.1.3 di FileZilla. Ecco il changelog:
Citazione:3.1.3 (2008-09-21)

- Fzsftp no longer crashes if receiving invalid data from server and instead quits gracefully
- Fix crash if entering hostname with characters not allowed in internationalized domain names
- OS X: Fix crash if path to FileZilla contained non-ASCII characters
- Compatibility with yet another exotic directory listing format

3.1.3-rc1 (2008-09-15)

+ Keep remote directory tree and file list if disconnected by the server. Transparently reconnect before performing the next operation.
- OS X: Massive performance improvements
- Various small performance improvements

3.1.3-beta1 (2008-09-10)

+ New socket event handling system, more flexible and a bit faster
+ Performance improvements for local directory tree
- MSW: Using prefix search to select an item now also changes the startpoint for a multiple selection.
- Fix directory creation logic if the directory to create is a root directory

Per aggiornare il vostro client FTP potete seguire questa guida.
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Ok, effettuerò un test.
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Corretti due piccoli bug della versione 3.1.3 nella nuova versione di FileZilla, la
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione: (2008-09-29)

- Download speedlimits were not working since 3.1.3-beta1
- On very fast connections, sockets could receive close event before being marked active, leading to timeouts
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Negli ultimi due giorni sono uscite due nuove versioni di FileZilla, la 3.1.4 e la che corregge due bug della versione precedente.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione: (2008-10-16)

- *nix: Fix crash if renaming directories using the local directory tree
- Rebuilt official binaries to revert a regression in wxWidgets causing memory corruption

3.1.4 (2008-10-15)

- *nix and OS X: Avoid SIGPIPE if socket gets closed during uploads
- Fix SFTP speed limits
- Avoid reduntant refreshes of local file lists on some drag&drop operations
- Send user agent with requests if using HTTP proxy
- MSW: Add checkbox to start FileZilla to finish page of intaller
- Reselect previously set default file exists action if reopening dialog on a queue item
- OS X: Do not check /net whether it has subdirectories, it is extremely slow
- Upon reconnecting, fall back to list current directory if last used directory is no longer accessible

3.1.4-rc1 (2008-10-08)

+ Configurable number of decimal places for filesize formatting
+ Allow editing of files with identical name but different remote paths
+ File changed notification displays more information
+ Manual transfer dialog
+ Quickconnect bar can be hidden
+ MSW: React to added or removed drive letters
- Downloading updates should no longer randomly freeze the client after HTTP redirects
- Huge queues should save slightly faster
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Dopo circa una settimana è già disponibile una nuova versione di FileZilla, la 3.1.5.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione:3.1.5 (2008-10-22)

+ Handle symbolic links on servers. If trying to access a symbolic link, FileZilla will first try to CWD into it, and if that fails, will treat it as a file instead. During recursive operations, any directory link encountered will not be followed, but file links will be downloaded.
- Numpad keys could not be used to search for entries in the file lists
- OS X: Use smaller font sizes in message log and directory trees
- Fix vertical alignment of labels next to the directory boxes above the directory trees
- Use lighter text colors in message log if using dark background
- *nix: Transfer status lines will no longer overlap the queue scrollbar
- *nix: Fix font colors if using themes with dark backgrounds (e.g. DarkRoom under Ubuntu 8.10)
- Fix XML corruption problems
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Da ieri è disponibile la nuova versione di FileZilla, la, che corregge alcuni bug.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione: (2008-11-15)

- Connection establishment through SOCKS proxies could fail in some cases
- Clearing private data no longer crashes if quickconnect bar is hidden
- Handle drag & drop of symlinks
- Update remote directory tree if deleting a subdirectory
- Fix parsing of HTTP chunk lengths for the update downloader
- Reduce memory consumption of remote directory tree
- Rewrite the code that added local directories to the queue. New one is faster and avoids some potentially thread-unsafe behaviour of the old code
- OS X: Fix help menu duplication on non-English systems
- MSW: Reset wxWidgets internal display cache if changing display resolution or layout
- MSW: Fixes for silent intaller
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Da ieri è disponibile la nuova versione di FileZilla, la 3.1.6, che corregge alcuni bug e aggiunge qualche nuova funzionalità.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione:3.1.6 (2008-12-02)

+ Automatically refresh remote directory listing if queue finishes successfully
- Speed up refresh of remote directory listing if adding files during uploads
- Connections no longer time out waiting on a directory listing getting retrieved by a different connection
- Number of files were not updated if deleting remote files
- MSW: Update manifest so that the evil filesystem virtualization stays disabled under Vista

3.1.6-rc1 (2008-11-26)

+ Configurable location of message log pane
+ Context menu inside site manager to export individual sites or site subtrees
- Several fixes for users with Turkish locale
- Fix race condition causing not all subdirectories to be added to queue on upload
- Cleanup of pane splitter code to facilitate configurable message log position
- Cleanup of path and directory listing caches to be less convoluted
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Da alcuni giorni è disponibile la versione 3.2.0 di FileZilla; è stato quindi abbandonato il ramo 3.1.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione:3.2.0 (2009-01-07)

- Fix account logon type in combination with FTP proxies

3.2.0-rc2 (2009-01-03)

- Change wording of some strings
- Support yet another directory listing variant on obscure MVS style systems
- Fix odd behavior if deleting items from site manager
- Do not show proxy password in message log on SFTP connections
- Properly display "bytes" suffix in filelist status bar if not using thousands separator

3.2.0-rc1 (2008-12-30)

+ Bookmarks
+ Logging to file
+ *nix: Use GNOME's Session Manager D-Bus API to cleanly shut down FileZilla on end of session
+ MSW: Improve installer's Vista compatibility.
- *nix: Fix encoding issues with thousands separator in some locales
- Thousands separator on file exists dialog
- Rearrange filter dialog a bit
- Compile fixes for HP-UX
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Da ieri è disponibile il primo aggiornamento del ramo 3.2 di FileZilla che arriva quindi alla versione 3.2.1.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione:3.2.1 (2009-02-06)

+ New iconset: Minimal
- Fix filter edit dialog sizing issue
- MSW: Fix icon transparency in status bar and use better disabled icons in toolbars

3.2.1-rc1 (2009-01-31)

+ Synchronized browsing
+ Configurable double-click action for file lists
+ Ask user to select an editor if trying to edit an unassociated file type
- MSW: Work around problem with TinyXML if settings or program directory contains characters not expressible by the system's narrow character set
- OS X: When adding sites, the edit label will no longer be hidden behind the tree in the site manager
- MSW: Further Vista improvment for installer
- Fix potential race condition in socket code
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Durante lo scorso fine settimana sono arrivate le ultime due versioni di FileZilla, la 3.2.2 e la, che corregge alcuni problemi della versione rilasciata il giorno precedente.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione: (2009-02-21)

- Fix local directory creation during downloads. If multiple directory levels were missing, they were created in the reverse order
- MSW: Restore ability to navigate to drive list through .. entry in local file list

3.2.2 (2009-02-20)

- Display password prompt if connecting to sites with Ask or Interactive logon type through bookmarks
- Fix parsing of default remote directories in site manager if using non-default server type

3.2.2-rc1 (2009-02-13)

- *nix, OS X: Fix crash if starting FileZilla when the last used local path no longer exists
- Keep track of name and path of the site manager item currently connected to so that bookmarks menu stays updated properly
- MSW: Handle obscure DDE associations for file editing
- More verbose error messages if loading a configuration file fails
- Newly downloaded directories appear again in the local file list
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Da ieri è disponibile la versione 3.2.3 di FileZilla.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione:3.2.3 (2009-03-21)

+ made OpenCrystal the default theme on new installations
+ setting kiosk mode to 2 in fzdefaults.xml prevents FileZilla from writing to any settings files. Useful if executed from read-only media.
- Fix crashes and memory corruption if resizing columns in queue if message log is positioned as queue tab

3.2.3-rc1 (2009-03-15)

+ Add synchronized browsing option to sites and bookmarks
+ If synchronized browsing and directory comparison are enabled, changing directories no longer disables comparison
+ Add some hotkeys for commonly used menu and toolbar items
+ Handle CTRL+A to select all files in queue
- Less CPU usage during SFTP transfers
- Improve appearance of queue tabs on dark themes
- Allow system file associations with singlequotes around filenames for editing
- Fix rare crash on connection failures
- Activity indicators in lower-right corner of main window were not working properly
- Do not allow multiple entries in quickconnect history that only differ in password
- Fix crash if closing filter edit dialog
- Improve timezone offset detection on servers without seconds resolution in listings
- Fix layout issues in settings dialog
Cita messaggio
Da qualche giorno è disponibile la versione di FileZilla che risolve alcuni problemi della versione 3.2.3 rilasciata pochi giorni prima.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione: (2009-03-25)

+ Add context menu to data type indicator in status bar
+ Do not display file exists dialog after confirming to upload a changed, edited file
- Classic theme wasn't remembered
- OS X: Option to auto-remove successful transfers in queue could not be toggled
- *nix, OS X: "Remove all" context menu item did not work if no item was selected in successful and failed queue tabs
- MSW: Search PATH environment variable for associated editor if needed
- Fix problems with double-quoted paths with containing single quotes in associations
Cita messaggio
Da ieri è disponibile la versione 3.2.4 di FileZilla.
Ecco il changelog:
Citazione:3.2.4 (2009-04-21)

- Fix crash on SFTP download resume caused by uninitialized variable in PuTTY code
- Properly refresh remote directory after chmod if synchronized browsing is enabled
- Fix unediting locale files in file editing dialog
- Fix regression with custom post-login commands on servers supporting MLSD
- Trigger refresh of transfer progress bars after resizing queue
- Several small fixes to minimize to tray functionality

3.2.4-rc1 (2009-04-14)

+ Always use MLSD to retrieve directory listings on servers supporting it
+ Handle leading and trailing spaces on filenames, requires MLSD support
+ Multiple files can be selected for editing simultaneously
+ MSW and *nix: Add option to minimize to tray
+ The URLs of selected remote files and directories can be copied to clipboard
- Further queue performance improvements
- *nix: Provided Linux binaries now linked against Debian Lenny instead of Etch
- Fix visual problems caused by too long URLs in update checks
- Fix sync browsing checkbox in bookmark manager
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Ragazzi, scusate se riapro questa discussione molto vecchia per rispondere, ma non volevo aprire un'altra discussione per dire le stesse cose, quindi!

Comunque volevo dire che io utilizzo questo software gratuito proprio perché è il migliore tra i freeware di ftp client. Utilizzare un programma professionale a questo punto non ha più senso poiché FileZilla ha le stesse sue capacità ma è gratuito e sempre aggiornato. Comunque chi conosce delle ottime alternative a FileZilla?
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Io ho provato diversi software per collegarmi via FTP, ma ritengo che FileZilla sia il migliore per le mie esigenze.
Se vuoi vedere una lista di software alternativi a FileZilla, puoi andare su
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